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Employee Group PhotoWith the 100 plus years of combined experience we have here at Premium Solutions, we can approach any building, for any application, and figure out how to make your desired system work.

We’ve been working on commercial and industrial HVAC equipment since the ’80s, and we’ve seen it all. Our technicians have tackled every problem ever thrown at them, and we always come out on top.

When we design a system, we take our decades of experience, and we make sure it’s going to work. We stand by our designs and we care about the results. This is how we build great relationships with our customers, and this is why we get continual work from them, because they know and trust us.

Consistent Results

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We have proven to our customers over and over again that by coming to us for system design, as well as installation and service, they are able to get the desired results that so often fall short when the project was put out to bid, or installed as a basic off-the-shelf system when in reality the application was much more complex and needed more attention to detail. This is where we shine.

  • VAV Rooftop Unit with VAV zoned HVAC system
  • Chilled water systems for comfort cooling and for process cooling
  • Hot water and steam systems, for comfort and for process heating
  • Lab environment with special air quality control standards
  • Basic HVAC application sizing and ductwork design

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