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With the demand put on building owners for efficient and well-operating systems when it comes to comfort, indoor air quality, or even the high expectations put on manufacturers offering products, every building and every system comes with its own set of challenges. Solutions to these challenges are often missing. We run into systems on a regular basis that were simply under-engineered.

The part that makes this difficult for the owner/manager is that while the lack of perfect results may be apparent, the underlying problem is usually misunderstood completely. And this is where Premium Solutions comes in.

We can meet with you to get a clear understanding of what you desire from your system, and what is lacking in the way it currently produces. Then by crawling inside your system (figuratively of course) we will determine how to enhance what you’ve already got and make it work as it should.

"Our reputation is our most valuable asset..."

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We’ve been around long enough to know that here in Rural Southeast MO and Southern IL, our reputation is our most valuable asset. This is why we make sure to take good care of all of our customers. When we run into difficult projects, we handle them with professionalism, and we see it through until the customer is completely happy with their results. Here are just a few of the problems we fix on a regular basis:

  • Chilled water system that can’t provide proper temp even though it’s sized correctly.
  • Process lines or heat exchangers that don’t seem to perform even though they’re on the same water supply loop.
  • System pressure that fluctuates, or struggles to maintain a set point.
  • Lab environment that fails to keep it’s standards on temp, humidity, or pressure.
  • Any system that runs inefficiently, resulting in high energy costs.

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