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VAV System Service Work

VAV System Service Work

VAV systems are very common in buildings with various zones that have different heat loads. This is typical in schools, offices, and many other commercial buildings. Premium Solutions can help make sure your system is operating correctly and efficiently.

While we are not a certified air balancing contractor, we do have the tools and the expertise to measure your zones’ airflows and, by making adjustments to dampers, we can help balance the system which is useful in correcting issues where some zones may be getting too much air, while others are being starved.

We understand the delicate relationship between the equipment providing the cooling and heating, and the zones that are using it for temperature control. So even when your rooftop unit may be in good working condition, zone temperature control could have problems that are more related to the actual zone VAV boxes which control the air supply into that space.

Even though a VAV box is a fairly simple piece of equipment (when compared to your other HVAC systems), there are still several issues that can and often do go wrong. This could be the air flow measuring ring, control board or pneumatics which control the damper position, the reheat coil which tempers the cold air supply, the fan in a fan power VAV box, or even any of the basic electrical components (relays, contactors, etc.) which are built in to the VAV box panel.

Our experience in VAV systems gives us an advantage over many other service companies who may have limited exposure to such systems. We know what we’re dealing with, and we deal with it on a regular basis. Let us help you get your zoned HVAC system up and running like new.

In addition to service work, we also have the means to automate your zoned HVAC system. One line of our control modules are specifically made to mount directly on the damper shaft of a VAV and control it based on zone temp and airflow readings. 

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