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Clean Looking ALC Control Panel
One of our custom chiller plant automation control panels

Today’s building control is an open discussion: open systems, open architecture, and open standards. Open systems have introduced new levels of operational efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness. With open architecture, users can install integrated, easily modified systems using innovative combinations of components including components from competing providers.

How we all win with open architecture

We have successfully integrated our WebCTRL systems into existing Johnson Metasys and Trane Tracer systems, giving our customers state of the art features and ease of use without having to abandon their existing controls investment. With our product-wide integration of native BACnet, Automated Logic’s open system architecture has effectively returned building control to the user. As a charter member of the BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA), we’re helping ASHRAE keep BACnet at the forefront of technology.

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"By far, we are the best in the area for automation..."

Modern PC Screen Control Dashboard
Custom dashboard graphic we did for a chiller plant automation system.

Our building automation department has years of experience from back in the days of Trane, Carrier and Johnson systems. As archaic as they were, they were the industry standards at the time. Since then, Automated Logic has taken lead in the Building Automation industry with incredible features, secure remote access, open Bacnet protocol, live programming viewable right on your screen, and much more.

We utilize this powerful tool to help design custom solutions, take control of complex cooling and heating systems, integrate with other equipment over third party communications, provide for remote access to the system, provide custom graphics, personnel notification for alarm conditions, and that only scratches the surface…

And access is Web-Based, so no special software required for any workstation!

We’ve designed, installed, and commissioned enough control systems now to confidently say that by far, we are the best in the area for automation. We also provide remote support to our customers, which allows us to log into their control system and help diagnose problems quickly, from our office.

Reliable Cutting Edge Technology

Custom AHU building automation graphic
We designed the control system for this AHU, and built this custom graphic to go with it.

We are not your typical off-the-shelf automation company. Our experience and expertise makes us very unique, as we have proven our ability to work with contractors, and engineers in resolving problems and developing solutions to provide the customer with reliable, cutting edge technology. Our years of experience in the mechanical HVAC service industry, coupled with the same years in controls, has proven do be very effective in dealing with new construction, design-build, retrofit business and continued technical support, long after installation.

Our automation team specializes in handling

  • Designing and implementing control systems from scratch (expensive engineered plans and specs not necessary)
  • Retro-fitting an old, obsolete, broken down, or crappy automation system with a new, shiny ALC system
  • Adding building automation controls to equipment that didn’t originally come with any, including basic thermostat controlled units
  • Energy monitoring, reporting, and Big Data management for the modern building manager
  • 3rd party integration into other manufacturer’s equipment

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