Auto Body

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Premium Solutions – Premium Auto Body & Restoration has everything needed to provide special fabrication for industrial and commercial needs. Welding, shaping and painting are no problem. We are proud to have one of this area’s finest finish painting technicians. We also have a couple of gems when it comes to creative metal work.

  • Experience doing ordinary and extraordinary projects
  • Professional finishing and refinishing
  • Knowledge, imagination, and confidence


Our Fabrication Shop and crew have a unique ability to find a solution to any challenge that is presented to them. From special purpose ladles used in ink prep, designing and building a rigging attachment for a cooling tower to remove a large motor to restoring a dump truck, we can do most anything required. We have built guards for process machinery, ]specialty drain pans, special purpose boxes, lifting/rigging brackets and enclosures for various needs and much more.

Paint Booth

We have a state-of-the-art paint booth fabricated and assembled by Premium staff in our own shop. Here, we paint most types of finishes on anything from a specially fabricated bracket to cars and trucks.