Maintenance and Service Agreements

Facility Service Program Options

Performance Service Agreements are custom designed to target known equipment or system issues which can be addressed during the term of the agreement. This flexibility allows you to budget replacement and upgrade costs.

  • Inspection Agreements based on equipment operation or customer requirements allow you to verify system and equipment are operating to optimum efficiency and reliability.
  • Full Coverage Programs may be available for your facility offering total parts and labor coverage for maintenance and repairs.
  • Seasonal Service Programs may include spring and fall service, shut down or start-up of chillers and boilers that supplement in-house maintenance resources.
  • Centrifugal and Rotary Screw compressor preventative maintenance provides recommended routine service to helps avoid unplanned trips and costly failures.
  • Facility Evaluation to provide 5-10 year master plans initiated by verification of present and potential performance of facility air conditioning and heating systems. Building Automated System enhancements, equipment replacement, repairs, and upgrades may be included.
  • Predictive Analysis including refrigerant, lube oil, vibration and non-destructive testing of tubes and pressure vessels can identify equipment trends that lead to catastrophic failure.

You Save by Planning Ahead

With the Premium Solutions service agreement, you’ll be able to budget ahead for standard maintenance cost, plus you can include annual system improvements, without having 1 large bill attached to, and instead paying for it over the duration of the agreement.

We’ll keep your equipment running at peak performance, and if any potential failures or problems arise, we’ll catch them faster by continually checking the operational integrity of the equipment, and by keeping up with a solid maintenance program.

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