Inexpensive and Supplemental Cooling

You can cool a warehouse, work shop, garage, and many other types of open spaces, most efficiently with a method called Evaporative Cooling. And because it’s so inexpensive, you can even run it as a spot cooler, providing a cool breeze directly on an area, even with doors and windows open.

Evaporative Cooling Explained

When you get out of a pool, even if it’s hot outside, the air feels cool right? Or if you get wet, any breeze (even a warm one) feels cold. This is because of Evaporative Cooling. As the water evaporates, the process causes it to absorb additional heat energy, which creates a cooling effect.

At one time, this technology was referred as Swamp Coolers, due to the excessive moisture it would release into the air. However, as time goes on, we get better at engineering these systems, so that today you can get great cooling, with very minimal moisture released into the space.

Cooling Units

Evaporative cooling units pump water through a media, also called a pad. This water runs down the media and the fan pulls air across it. As the air goes across, the water absorbs heat from the air through evaporative cooling, which cools the air as it’s blown into the space. These units are mobile, and very easy to setup and use.

There are many different manufacturers and types of evaporative cooling units available. If you would like some help finding the perfect Evaporative Cooling solution for your building, give us a call today:


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