Building Performance Evaluations & Improvements

Evaluating your building is a great way to let a professional service contractor help you to understand where you have the greatest potential for energy savings, as well as performance improvements.

Here are some of the items we would check if you hired us to evaluate your bulding:

  • Does the building hold its temp set points during the hottest and coldest times of the year?
  • Are there zones that hold temp better than others?
  • Do you have sufficient insulation in the walls and ceiling space?
  • Is there excessive outside air coming in?
  • What are the CO2 levels, is there room for improved indoor air quality, or room for energy savings? One often has an adverse affect on the other, so we must find the happy medium.
  • Is there air leakage where there shouldn’t be?
  • Does the exhaust fans in the building overcome the fresh air, creating negative pressure? This can add greatly to the buildings latent heat load by increasing infiltration of un-conditioned air.
  • Is the humidity in the space too high or too low?
  • Is your equipment high efficiency? Would you get a quick return on investment if you replaced it with a high efficiency unit?
  • Do you have savings potential in the way your running your existing automation system?
  • Do you cycle equipment on schedules based on zone occupancy?
  • Do you use comparative enthalpy to determine when to use economizer cooling?
  • Are you providing the minimum required fresh air for CO2 control, and minimizing the latent heat load that comes with fresh air intake?

These are all items we can measure and address. There are solutions to any problem, and we can help you determine what the most cost effective solutions are for your building if you’re interested in saving energy and getting your equipment to run at its very best.

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